6.23%20124[1].jpg6.18%20004[1].jpg6.17%20384[1].jpg 43630128.JPG6.18%20057[1].jpg6.19%20195[1].jpg
6.22%20301[1].jpg6.22%20348[1].jpg6.22%20378[1].jpg6.24%20049[1].jpgPreparing for the performance
IMG_0110.JPGField Trip at Asian store (Demo: Check out with Chinese language )
IMG_0118.JPGI can check out with my Chinese language!
IMG_0150.JPGShort Play: Three Monks
IMG_0159.JPGChinese self-defense skills
IMG_0169.JPGBelieve or not, I think I can protect myself now.
Picture_146.jpgI designed my own name tag.
Picture_147.jpgI have learned four years of Chinese, I like it.
Picture_148.jpgLook at mine! Isn't it pretty!

IMG_0212.JPGWe feel ready to try Chinese language in real live.

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