K-4 Mandarin Chinese Program

We are pleased that you, too, have an interest in starting Chinese language instruction early. All children can be successful learning a second language to the extent that they can learn their first language;
  • While the focus in early grades is on oracy, it is important to develop literacy skills as well; and
  • The appropriate use of technology can enhance an elementary Mandarin Chinese program.
  • As in first language acquisition, children use unanalyzed "chunks" of language to express meaning

43630236.JPGGrade K-2 Conten

  • Learners in grades K-2 begin with content topics close to the self, the home, and the school.
  • Topics are selected from the K-2 school curriculum and are introduced from the K-2 school curriculum and are introduced in a meaningful communicative contenxt involving concrete activities aimed at developing language and reinforcing content from other disciplines.
  • Age-appropriate literature, arts, music, and games are an integral part of the K-4 Chinese program.


Grade 3-4 Content

  • Learners at grades 3-4 begin with content topics close to self and family and then become acquainted with their community and other parts of the world.
  • "Children at this are are at a maximum of openness to people and situations different from their own experience. For these students a global emphasis is extremely important..." (Curtain & Dhlbberg, 2004, p. 18).
  • Content is drawn from the 3-4 curriculum and is delivered through first-hand, concrete experiences which are deeply embedded in context.

Adjectives: Pendemonium: The Great China Chase
Students learn about adjectives, as well as China's geography, history, ancient traditions, philosophy, and writing characters when they follow the fast-paced adventures of a "pentastic" foursome. Seemingly ordinary writing implements named Florentina, Arturo, Buzz, and Penny come to life and try to stop a smelly Dark Marker from taking over the world by solving clues based on good grammar.
Click the following link to watch the movie:

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