Introduction to the Course Overview

Lesson Introduction
Getting to know one another is important to help us all feel comfortable and confident in the online class. Just like a face-to-face class, we are all members of a class. As a group, we will enjoy the class and learn a great deal more through sharing our thoughts and experiences. This activity will also help you to learn how to get around this course.

Learning Objectives
  • Get to know one another by engaging in an ice breaker activity
  • Learn to navigate the course through completing the activity

Getting Acquainted Activity: Personal and Classmates' Surveys
In this activity, you should reflect on what you hope to gain from this course, what you know about China and Chinese through travel or reading, and why you think learning Chinese is important. You will also learn about your classmates' goals and experiences. By learning about one another, we will feel more comfortable working and learning together and sharing this course experience.

You will be expected to post three times. Successful completion will be based on answering the four questions below and posting a response to two classmates.

Part 1: Respond to and post short answers to the following (no more than100 words per answer):

What language experiences have you had at home, abroad, through school, or outside of school?

Name countries you have visited and one or two interesting things you learned or noticed

State two or three main things you hope to gain from taking this course

Tell us why you think learning Chinese is important

Part 2: Post your answers

Go to the Discussion Board, Getting Acquainted

Use the link at the bottom of this page or go to the main menu and click on Discussion Board

Start a new thread

Call your thread, your name_get acquainted

Part 3: Read the postings of all your classmates and respond to at least two classmates

Find one classmate who had some a similar responses to yours and one who had different responses to yours

Reply to one of the postings in one or more of the following ways

Ask for clarification or ask a question

Indicate what you learned from their posting

What To Do Next
Go to Introduction to China

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