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Hello and welcome to my Web site!

I hope that students and their parents will visit this site often to see what's happening and access assignments in Kindergarten Chinese, 7th grade Chinese, 7th grade heritage Chinese and AP Chinese. You will also be able to access notes, vocabulary, tutorials, and practice quizzes to help you achieve your learning goals. In addition, I will always offer links to a variety of language learning Web sites to provide a differentiated, interactive approach to Chinese mastery. Your responsibility will be to visit this page on a regular basis to see what's new and helpful to your learning.

Also, I encourage everyone, current and past students and any visitors to this site to visit my links to review the Chinese you have learned in school or to begin your language learning adventure now. **Chinese** is a very important language throughout many parts of the world and has been a principal language of diplomacy. Chinese is and will continue to be vital to our success in many fields due to the growing numbers of Chinese speakers in the U.S.

Although I have taken every care to ensure the accuracy of this web site, mistakes do happen. If you find a mistake in one of pages, I would be grateful if you would report this to me: xiaolidoty@gmail.com . By doing this you can save other readers from frustration, and help to improve subsequent versions of this site.

I hope that students and theirs parents will visit this wite often to see what's happening and access assignments.

Xiaoli Doty
Chinese Teacher
Metro Early College High School


Chinese Teacher
Ohio Contemporary Chinese School


Chinese Language Coach
North Carolina Virtual Public School


Chinese Teacher
Diocese of Columbus 2008/2009


Secretary & Columbus Regional Chair of
Ohio Association of Teacher of Chinese


7th grade Chinese students in Chinese restaurant

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Living abroad makes you more creative:research project, includes language learning.

Creativity is an essential skill for 21st century.

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