8-12 grade Chinese

Welcome! 欢 迎! huān yíng

I am your instructor, Mrs. Doty, and I'm delighted you joined this course! I look forward to meeting you and learning more about you as we learn Chinese.

During the course, you will learn to read, speak, and write Chinese with the primary focus on speaking Chinese. You will also engage in activities that will help you learn about the culture, and you will reflect on your experiences with this course through discussion and completing some activities called LinguaFolio.

There are five modules, and each module is comprised of lessons. For each lesson, you will view a video and listen to a Chinese dialogue. You will also have lessons in grammar, vocabulary, and engage in student activities with one another in the form of discussion. To help you practice speaking Chinese, you will be assigned to a language coach and meet with him or her via Skype. At the end of each lesson, you will be expected to submit one or more homework assignments.

You will be actively working with your classmates, language coach, and teacher as you explore Mandarin Chinese. Through active participation and interaction, you should learn from your coaches, instructor, and classmates who bring to the class an interesting mix of experiences, accomplishments, and ideas to share. Participation and completion of your assignments are expected for you to fulfill the requirements of this course.

My Role

You may go to the Teacher Information section to read a little about me and see what I look like. But first, let me share with you what an online instructor does. Some of the things I do in this course are:
· Guide you through the activities and discussions;
· Help answer your questions about the lessons and assignments;
· Keep track of you and help you reconnect if we don't see you regularly; and
· Review your work and offer feedback

Can't Wait Technical Needs?

Once you learn about methods for navigating, locating, and posting to the discussions in this course, all correspondence must be kept inside the course. If you have urgent, can't-wait technology needs, please contact me.

What To Do Next

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